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Food, low content: C 20:0

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C 20:0 per 100 grams 
Pork sausage, saveloy type0 g
Lobster, raw0 g
Turkey, flesh only, raw0 g
Cod, liver, canned0 g
Chicken, flesh only, raw0 g
Water, tap, drinking, average values0 g
Lamb, shoulder, raw0 g
Egg, chicken, whole, raw0 g
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw0 g
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw0 g
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw0 g
Salt, table0 g
Beef, fillet, defatted, raw0 g
Cream, 13 % fat0 g
Ice cream, dairy, (wholemilk based)0 g
Haddock, raw0 g
Mussel, raw0 g
Bacon crisps0 g
Sugar, brown0 g
Shrimp, canned0 g
Apricot, dried0 g
Flounder, raw0 g
Sausage, salami0 g
Mutton, round, raw0 g
Baguette, wheat, fine, industrial product0 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour, no high fat seeds, industrial prod.0 g
Sweetpotato, raw0 g
Snacks, expanded, cornbased0 g
Milk, skimmed, with chocolate (UHT)0 g
Milk, whole, organic, 3.5 % fat0 g
Ice cream, dairy, 3 coloured0 g
Turkey, breast, boiled/smoked, sliced0 g
Rye bread, dark, pumpernickel0 g
Crab claws, meat, raw0 g
Bread, wheat and other, high fat seeds0 g
Cod, fillet, boiled0 g
Bread, wheat with rye, sandwich/toast type, high fat seeds, industrial0 g
Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost0 g
Juice, mixed vegetables, pasteurized0 g
Bread, white, with sunflower kernels0 g
Lard, pork, refined, Raffinol0 g
Bread, roll, danish0 g
Margarine, 30 % fat, vegetable fat0 g
Pork, saddle, smoked, boiled0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat0 g
Pork, mettwurst, smoked0 g
Heart, veal, raw0 g
Pork, liver paste, danish0 g
Lobster, canned0 g
Crab, boiled0 g
Tuna, in tomato sauce, canned0 g
Salmon, raw0 g
Oil, grapeseed0 g
Lamb, breast, raw0 g
Eel, raw0 g
Liver, calf, raw0 g
Pork, collar, defatted, raw0 g
Sweetcorn, kernels, canned0 g
Baking powder0 g
Milk, whole, konventional (not organic), 3.5 % fat0 g
Beef, brisket, anterior part, raw0 g
Fruit gums0 g
Soft drink, sugar added0 g
Mussels, in water, canned0 g
Cucumber, raw0 g
Herring, pickled, canned0 g
Lard, pork0 g
Hare, raw0 g
Bacon, sliced, raw0 g
Baguette, with rye, industrial product0 g
Rye bread, fine with wheat flour and high fat seeds, industrial prod.0 g
Rye bread, dark, wholemeal0 g
Snacks, extruded, cornbased0 g
Pork, ham, boiled, sliced0 g
Ice cream, dairy, nougat0 g
Chicken, sausage0 g
Bread, italien type0 g
Cod, fillet, breaded, raw0 g
Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added0 g
Cream pastry, average values0 g
Bread, white, with cracked chestnuts0 g
Barley flour, raw0 g
Bread, white0 g
Bread, white, roll, coarse grain0 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, wheat, fine0 g
Cod, liver, smoked0 g
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat0 g
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0 g
Beef, mince, raw0 g
Potato chips, deepfried0 g
Heart, beef, raw0 g
Pork, loin fillet, smoked0 g
Cod, fillet, raw0 g
Caviar, danish (roe, lump-sucker)0 g
Cod, roe, raw0 g
Crab claws, meat, canned0 g
Tongue, calf, raw0 g
Salmon, canned0 g
Ymer0 g
Lamb, leg, average values, raw0 g
Eel, smoked0 g
Liver, ox, raw0 g
Jam, fruit, average values0 g
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen0 g
Milk, with chocolate, partly skimmed, 1.5 % fat0 g
Potato crisps0 g
Milk, partly skimmed, konventional (not organic), 1.5 % fat0 g
Soft drink, unsweetened, average values0 g
Nut, coco, raw0 g
Duck, flesh only, raw0 g
Plaice, raw0 g
Banana, raw0 g
Herring, smoked0 g
Cornflakes, average values0 g
Rye bread, dark with high fat seeds and whole kernels0 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat0 g
Milk, skimmed, with chocolate0 g
Pop corn, oil and salt added, traditional0 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.0 g
Chicken, breast, boiled, sliced0 g
Ice cream, dairy, vanilla0 g
Pork, liver paste, danish, low fat0 g
Fish balls, fried0 g
Rolls, wheat with rye, industrial produced0 g
Redfish, ocean perch, raw0 g
Whitebread, for toasting, industrial produced0 g
Cod, fillet, smoked, with skin0 g
Rolls, italien type, industrial produced0 g
Lobster, boiled0 g
Non-alcoholic beverage (light), concentrated (1+10), sugar not added0 g
Cornflakes, frosted0 g
Bread, wholemeal0 g
Rye bread, light0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat0 g
0 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, deepfried0 g
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked0 g
Heart, pork, raw0 g
Cod, liver, raw0 g
Crispbread, knackebrot, rye, fine0 g
Cod, roe, canned0 g
Tongue, ox, raw0 g
Lamb, meat, average values, raw0 g
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw0 g
Liver, chicken (hen), raw0 g
Liver, pig, raw0 g
Salt, block0 g
Beef, rump, raw0 g
Cream, 9 % fat0 g
Sweets, boiled0 g
Mushroom, canned0 g
Beans, baked i tomato sauce, canned0 g
Water, carbonated0 g
Shrimp, boiled, shell removed0 g
Avocado, raw0 g
Sardine, in oil, canned0 g
Barley groats, raw0 g
Salt, sea salt (no iodine fortification)0 g
Mushroom, raw0 g
Mutton, shoulder, raw0 g
Rye bread, soft, with wheat, high fat seeds and whole kernels0 g
Snacks, expanded, potatobasis0 g
Milk, with chocolate, partly skimmed, 1.5 % fat (UHT)0 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.0 g
Roastbeef, sliced0 g
Pate, liver0 g
Norway lobster, raw0 g
Rolls, wheat with rye, high fat seeds, industrial produced0 g
Bread, wheat with rye, for toasting, industrial produced0 g
Torsk, tusk, raw0 g
Milk, partly skimmed, organic, 1.5 % fat0 g
Milk, skimmed, 0.5 % fat0 g
Bread, white, with whole kernels0 g
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values0 g
Cinnamon stick0 g
Oats, rolled, average values0 g
Rye bread, dark0 g
Lamb, flank, spiced, cooked0 g
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0 g
Cod, roe, smoked0 g
Oats, rolled, not enriched0 g
White bread, large0.001 g
Macaroni, spaghetti, boiled0.002 g
Pork, loin (sauté slices), lean, raw0.002 g
Bread, wheat with rye0.002 g
Pork, loin (filet royal), lean, raw0.003 g
Pork, loin (medaillon), lean, raw0.003 g
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw0.003 g
Rice, polished, raw0.004 g
Rice groats, raw0.004 g
Rolls, white, industrial produced0.004 g
Rice flour0.004 g
Rice, parboiled, raw0.004 g
Pork, ham, chump (M. Glutaei Etc.), lean, raw0.005 g
Pork, ham, schnitzel, escalope, raw0.005 g
Pork, ham, wok strips from topside, raw0.005 g
Broccoli, boiled0.005 g
Pork, legmuscles without knuckle, lean, raw0.005 g
Raisin , seedless0.007 g
Wheat flour0.008 g
Semolina0.008 g
Gizzard, chicken, raw0.008 g
Macaroni, spaghetti, raw0.009 g
Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), shredded, raw0.01 g
Rice, brown, raw0.01 g
Pork, ham, silverside (M. Semitendinosus), lean, raw0.01 g
Pork, ham, outside muscle (M. biceps femoris), diced, lean, raw0.01 g
Chestnut, raw0.011 g
Wheat, kernels, whole/cracked0.012 g
Pork, cheek meat, lean, raw0.012 g
Wheat, cracked kernels, parboiled (bulgur), raw0.012 g
Pork, hand, diced, lean, raw0.013 g
Crispbread, wheat0.013 g
Macaroni, spaghetti, whole meal, raw0.014 g
Wheat, flour, wholemeal0.014 g
Pork, minced, approx. 6% fat, raw0.015 g
Halibut, greenland, smoked0.017 g
Swiss roll, average values0.018 g
Quark with fruit0.023 g
Pork, chop, raw0.025 g
Pork, slice of neck, raw0.028 g
Cocoa, instant, med milk, powder0.029 g
Pork, ham, viking steak, raw0.029 g
Pork, shoulder steaks, raw0.029 g
Pork, loin, defatted (approx. 3 mm fat), raw0.03 g
Wolffish (catfish), raw0.032 g
Cocoa, instant, without milk, powder0.032 g
Tuna, in oil, canned0.033 g
Oats, rolled, enriched0.034 g
Wheat bran0.035 g
Linseeds, raw0.038 g
Pork, flank, rolled, raw0.039 g
Pork, rib steaks, raw0.043 g
Pistachio nuts, dried0.043 g
Pork, loin with rind, raw0.045 g
Pork, loin with rind, raw0.045 g
Olives, green, pickled, canned0.046 g
Marzipan0.05 g
Beans, soy, dried0.052 g
Bacon, steaky bacon, diced, raw0.053 g
Pork, belly, streaky bacon, whole cut, cured, raw0.054 g
Pork, collar with rind, raw0.055 g
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted0.055 g
Pork, spare rib roast of thin belly with rind, raw0.056 g
Pork, cocktail sausage0.057 g
Spotted catfish, fillet, raw0.058 g
Pork, spare ribs, raw0.058 g
Wheat germ, raw0.059 g
Wheat rusk0.06 g