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Food, high content: ß-carotene

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ß-carotene per 100 grams 
Carrot juice, canned15450 μg
Carrots, frozen12770 μg
Rose hip, dried, powder11400 μg
Rose hip, raw11400 μg
Carrot, raw11000 μg
Carrot, raw9790 μg
Carrot, raw9070 μg
Dandelion, leaves, raw9000 μg
Carrot, canned8260 μg
Pepper, hot chili, canned7134 μg
Pumpkin, canned6940 μg
Dill, raw5982 μg
Parsley, raw5690 μg
Juice, mixed vegetables, pasteurized5226 μg
Kale, raw5050 μg
Nut paste, Nutella4800 μg
Spinach, chopped, frozen4534 μg
Sweetpotato, raw4470 μg
Kale, canned4440 μg
Pepper, hot chili, raw4390 μg
Spinach, raw4186 μg
Watercress, raw4010 μg
Coriander, leaf, raw3930 μg
Kale, frozen3890 μg
Onions, spring, raw3000 μg
Chervil, chopped, frozen2990 μg
Cress, garden, raw2480 μg
Dock (US), sorrel (UK), raw2400 μg
Apricot, dried2390 μg
Chard, swiss, raw2000 μg
Cabbage, chinese, pak-choi, raw1800 μg
Apricot, raw1566 μg
Lettuce, Cos or romaine, raw1560 μg
Chervil, raw1470 μg
Butterhead lettuce (US), cabbage lettuce (UK), raw1440 μg
Chives, raw1380 μg
Cantharelle, raw1300 μg
Pepper, sweet, red, raw1270 μg
Endive (escarole), raw1230 μg
Endive (frisee), raw1230 μg
Lettuce, looseleaf, raw1140 μg
Muskmelon, raw1100 μg
Sauce, shaslik1020 μg
Tomato, danish, ripe, raw992 μg
Tomato, imported, ripe, raw992 μg
Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown992 μg
Liver, ox, raw951 μg
Broccoli, boiled929 μg
Loquat, raw920 μg
Tomato paste, concentrated901 μg
Apricot, canned, light syrup pack785 μg
Tomato puree734 μg
Cabbage, chinese or celery, raw720 μg
Plaintain, raw680 μg
Broccoli, frozen610 μg
Cabbage, savoy, raw600 μg
Tomato ketchup, bottled599 μg
Curry powder594 μg
Mangos, raw553 μg
Broccoli, raw533 μg
Tomato, dried524 μg
Prune, dried plum514 μg
Peach, dried500 μg
Asparagus, canned493 μg
Seaweed, konbu, dried (kelp)440 μg
Cape gooseberries, groundcherries, raw432 μg
Swede, raw430 μg
Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw420 μg
Passion fruit, raw420 μg
Sauce gravad lax420 μg
Peas, green, canned400 μg
Okra, raw400 μg
Beans, green, canned387 μg
Butter, salt not added365 μg
Butter, salt added362 μg
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat360 μg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat360 μg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat360 μg
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat360 μg
Margarine, 30 % fat, vegetable fat360 μg
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat360 μg
Peas, green, frozen357 μg
Tomato, peeled, canned352 μg
Elderberry, raw325 μg
Tomatojuice, canned311 μg
Beans, green, frozen302 μg
Carambola, raw294 μg
Brussels sprout, frozen280 μg
Blended spread, 80% fat267 μg
Peach, canned250 μg
Papaya, pawpaw, raw236 μg
Salad dressing, french232 μg
Olives, green, pickled, canned231 μg
Brussels sprouts, raw220 μg
Peas, green, raw218 μg
Leek, raw214 μg
Squash, zucchini, raw204 μg
Blackberry, raw200 μg
Cheese, Blue and white mould, 70 % fidm.194 μg
Peas, chick/garbanzo, dry, raw190 μg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 60 % fidm.169 μg
Cream, cultured, 38 % fat169 μg
Cream, whipping, 38 % fat168 μg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 60 % fidm.168 μg
Pepper, sweet, green, raw167 μg
Cheese, Cream, 70 % fidm.162 μg
Liver, calf, raw160 μg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 60 % fidm.159 μg
Nectarine, raw150 μg
Lettuce, iceberg (incl. crisphead types), raw150 μg
Cheese, Brie, 60 % fidm.148 μg
Cheese, hard, Cheddar, danish146 μg
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted144 μg
Cheese, firm, Mynster, 50 % fidm.143 μg
Pistachio nuts, dried140 μg
Fennel, root, raw140 μg
Sauce, barbeque139 μg
Cheese, Cream, 60 % fidm.139 μg
Cheese, hard, Chesire, 50 % fidm.137 μg
Human milk, colostrum135 μg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 50 % fidm.135 μg
Cheese, semihard, St. Paulin, 50 % fidm.134 μg
Cheese, hard, Gruyere, 45 % fidm.132 μg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, grated132 μg
Cheese, Mycella Blue, 50 % fidm.131 μg
Currant, black, raw130 μg
Cheese, Danish Blue, 50 % fidm.130 μg
Cheese, Roquefort, danish, 50 % fidm.130 μg
Cheese, hard, Emmentaler, 45 % fidm.128 μg
Cheese, firm, Svenbo, 45 % fidm.128 μg
Squash, all varieties, raw126 μg
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw124 μg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 45 % fidm.123 μg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 45 % fidm.123 μg
Cheese, Brie, 50 % fidm.122 μg
Cheese, firm, Fynbo, 45 % fidm.122 μg
Cheese, whey, Myseost, 33 % fidm.119 μg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 45 % fidm.118 μg
Milk, dry, whole, powder118 μg
Rhubarb, frozen118 μg
Rhubarb, raw118 μg
Cheese, semihard, Fontina, 45 % fidm.114 μg
Cheese, firm, 45 % fidm., all varieties114 μg
Pepper, black114 μg
Cheese, semihard, Esrom, 45 % fidm.113 μg
Kumquats, raw113 μg
Cinnamon stick112 μg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 45 % fidm.111 μg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 50 % fidm111 μg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 45 % fidm.110 μg
Cheese, hard, Hingino, 32 % fidm.109 μg
Cheese, processed, 45 % fidm.108 μg
Cheese, hard, Parmesan, 32 % fidm.106 μg
Cheese, hard, Grana, 32 % fidm.106 μg
Cheese, Camembert, 50 % fidm.105 μg
Beans, green, raw104 μg
Cheese, firm, Elbo, 40 % fidm.103 μg
Cheese, firm, 40 % fidm., all varieties99.4 μg
Cheese, Camembert, 45 % fidm.98.6 μg
Corn flour97 μg
Alfalfa seeds, sprouted, raw96 μg
Pepper, sweet, canned96 μg
Cheese, Brie, 45 % fidm.95.6 μg
Tangerine, raw95 μg
Salad dressing, thousand island92 μg
Cheese, semihard, Feta, 40 % fidm84.5 μg
Fennel seed84 μg
Gooseberry, raw82 μg
Cream, cultured, 18 % fat81.8 μg
Cheese, semihard, Havarti, 30 % fidm.81.4 μg
Fig, dried80 μg
Pecans, dried80 μg
Pecans, dry roasted80 μg
Pecans, oil roasted80 μg
Plum, raw80 μg
Cream, 18 % fat79.2 μg
Cheese, semihard, Mozzarella, 30 % fidm.77.9 μg
Cheese, firm, Samsoe, 30 % fidm.75.7 μg
Figs, raw74 μg
Pineapple, canned73 μg
Cheese, processed, 30 % fidm.72.6 μg
Cheese, firm, Maribo, 30 % fidm.72.2 μg
Cheese, firm, 30 % fidm., all varieties70.4 μg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.69.2 μg
Peach, raw69 μg
Cherry, raw69 μg
Kidney, calf, raw68 μg
Beans, mung, dried, raw68 μg
Cheese, Quarg, 45 % fidm.67.8 μg
Soya flour, full fat66 μg
Bread, white66 μg
Bread, bolted rye and wheat, sour, with caraway seeds66 μg
Blackberry, frozen, unsweetened66 μg
Cheese, Quarg, 45 % fidm., with vanilla66 μg
Pear, raw65 μg
Ice cream, dairy (cream based)64 μg
Cucumber, raw62 μg
Chestnut, raw60 μg
Beans, wax, canned60 μg
Pineapple, raw60 μg
Lentils, dried60 μg
Cream, 13 % fat59.3 μg
Cream, 13 % fat (UHT)58.5 μg
Fruit paste, average values56.9 μg
Beans, wax, raw55 μg
Cheese, processed, 20 % fidm.54.6 μg
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.53.2 μg
Banana, raw53 μg
Marmalade, english type50 μg
Marmalade, strawberry50 μg
Tangerine, canned50 μg
Marmalade, all types50 μg
Marmalade, orange50 μg
Marmalade, raspberry50 μg
Marmalade, black currant50 μg
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen49 μg
Cheese, firm, 20 % fidm., all varieties48.4 μg
Cheese, Camembert, 30 % fidm.48.4 μg
Beansprouts, soy, raw48 μg
Orange, raw48 μg
Sweetcorn, on-the-cob, raw47 μg
Fruit paste, figs46.8 μg
Ice cream, dairy, 3 coloured46 μg
Ice cream, dairy, nougat46 μg
Ice cream, dairy, vanilla46 μg
Cheese, unripened, smoked, 40 % fidm.45.3 μg
Pumpkin, raw45 μg
Chocolate, milk, with nuts45 μg
Chocolate, milk45 μg
Raspberry, raw42 μg
Raspberry, frozen42 μg
Sesame seed, decorticated42 μg
Egg, chicken, whole, raw42 μg
Egg, chicken, whole, dried41 μg
Horse, meat, raw40 μg
Olives, ripe, salted, oil-coated40 μg
Cocoa, powder40 μg
Chocolate, fancy and filled40 μg
Strawberry, raw40 μg
Cream, 9 % fat40 μg
Cauliflower, all varieties, raw40 μg
Cauliflower, danish, raw40 μg
Cauliflower, imported, raw40 μg
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat39.9 μg
Cream, cultured, 9 % fat39.6 μg
Kiwi fruit, raw37.7 μg
Chocolate, bitter37 μg
Chocolate, plain, couverture37 μg
Human milk, transitional (10th day post partum)37 μg
Quark with fruit36.1 μg