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Food, low content: C 24:1, n-9

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C 24:1, n-9 per 100 grams 
Milk, partly skimmed, konventional (not organic), 1.5 % fat0 g
Nut, pea, dried0 g
Breakfast cereal, müsli, average values0 g
Shrimp, boiled, shell removed0 g
Bread, white, roll, coarse grain0 g
Blended spread, 80% fat0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0 g
Sunflower oil0 g
Beef, mince, raw0 g
Pork, sausage, danish, raw0 g
Milk, whole, organic, 3.5 % fat0 g
Pork, loin fillet, smoked0 g
Pork, slice of neck, raw0 g
Cod, roe, canned0 g
Tongue, ox, raw0 g
Egg, chicken, whole, raw0 g
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw0 g
Beef, brisket, anterior part, raw0 g
Danish pastry, square0 g
Duck, flesh only, raw0 g
Rye bread, dark0 g
Heart, beef, raw0 g
Danish pastry, pretzel0 g
Chicken, flesh only, raw0 g
Pecans, dry roasted0 g
Liver, calf, raw0 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 45 % fidm.0 g
Milk, whole, konventional (not organic), 3.5 % fat0 g
Fish balls, fried0 g
Plain cake, average values0 g
Bread, white, with whole kernels0 g
Nut, coco, raw0 g
Cinnamon stick0 g
Shrimp, canned0 g
Pastry, croissant0 g
Herring, pickled, canned0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat0 g
Flounder, raw0 g
Cod, roe, smoked0 g
Sausage, salami0 g
0 g
Pork, flank, spiced, cooked0 g
Milk, partly skimmed, organic, 1.5 % fat0 g
Cod, fillet, raw0 g
Pork, cocktail sausage0 g
Tuna, in oil, canned0 g
Oil, grapeseed0 g
Pork, collar, defatted, raw0 g
Haddock, raw0 g
Bread, white0 g
Chocolate, milk0 g
Bread, roll, danish0 g
Heart, pork, raw0 g
Potato chips, deepfried0 g
Pecans, oil roasted0 g
Liver, ox, raw0 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 30 % fidm.0 g
Cream, 9 % fat0 g
Cream, 13 % fat0 g
Cod, fillet, breaded, raw0 g
Danish pastry, average values0 g
Mussels, in water, canned0 g
Bread, white, with sunflower kernels0 g
Brazil nuts0 g
Plaice, raw0 g
Pastry with poppy seeds0 g
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0 g
Butter, salt added0 g
Pork, meat, approx. 20 % fat, raw0 g
Oats, rolled, not enriched0 g
Pork sausage, saveloy type0 g
Milk, skimmed, 0.5 % fat0 g
Tuna, in tomato sauce, canned0 g
Ymer0 g
Beef, rump, raw0 g
Bread, wholemeal0 g
Hare, raw0 g
Sweet bisquit, cookie0 g
Turkey, flesh only, raw0 g
Chicken, flesh and skin, deepfried0 g
Lamb, leg, average values, raw0 g
Pistachio nuts, dried0 g
Liver, pig, raw0 g
Cheese, firm, Danbo, 20 % fidm.0 g
Cream, whipping, 38 % fat0 g
Plaice, fillet, breaded, dybfrost0 g
Cream pastry, average values0 g
Nut, hazel (UK), filbert (USA), dried0 g
Bread, white, with cracked chestnuts0 g
Walnuts0 g
Oil, rape seed (low eruca acid content)0 g
Sardine, in oil, canned0 g
Chocolate, plain, couverture0 g
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat0 g
Soyabean oil, refined0 g
Pork, sausage, frankfurter0 g
Quark with fruit0 g
Pork, liver paste, danish0 g
Pork, tenderloin, trimmed, raw0 g
Cod, roe, raw0 g
Tongue, calf, raw0 g
Egg, chicken, yolk, raw0 g
Beef, fillet, defatted, raw0 g
Olive oil0 g
Oats, rolled, average values0 g
Heart, veal, raw0 g
Veal, eye of round, salted, boiled0 g
Caviar, danish (roe, lump-sucker)0 g
Pecans, dried0 g
Liver, broiler or fryer, raw0 g
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted0 g
Corn oil0 g
Peanut oil0 g
Linseeds, raw0.047 g
Rainbow trout, raw0.055 g
Sardine, in tomato sauce, canned0.069 g
Remoulade, fatreduced, average values0.099 g
Herring, pickled, in curry sauce, canned0.1 g
Mayonnaise, low fat0.1 g
Remoulade, average values0.101 g
Bucklingpaté (sweet cured herring, smoked)0.112 g
Herring, raw0.119 g
Herring, smoked0.12 g
Salmon, raw0.143 g
Eel, raw0.175 g
Eel, smoked0.179 g
Herring, pickled, spiced, canned0.182 g
Herring, salted, ripened0.192 g
Mayonnaise0.2 g
Mackerel, in tomato sauce, canned0.214 g
Mackerel, filet, in natural juices, canned0.228 g
Mackerel, raw0.275 g
Mackerel, smoked0.36 g
Cod liver oil0.784 g