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Food, low content: Methionine

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Methionine per 100 grams 
Walnut oil0 mg
Oil, grapeseed0 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage (light), concentrated (1+10), sugar not added0 mg
Coffee, instant, prepared with water0 mg
Rum0 mg
Oil, safflower (high linoleic acid content)0 mg
Mayonnaise, low fat0 mg
Soyabean oil, refined0 mg
Oil, cocoa butter0 mg
Salad dressing, thousand island0 mg
Sweets, boiled0 mg
Soft drink, sugar added0 mg
Salt, block0 mg
Corn oil0 mg
Gin0 mg
Vodka0 mg
Oil, safflower (high oleic acid content)0 mg
Oil, rape seed (low eruca acid content)0 mg
Sunflower oil0 mg
Oil, rape seed (no eruca acid)0 mg
Soft drink, unsweetened, average values0 mg
Linseed oil0 mg
Spirits, 70 % proof0 mg
Whisky0 mg
Oil, sesame0 mg
Oil, cotton seed0 mg
Coconut oil, refined, Palmin0 mg
Water, carbonated0 mg
Olive oil0 mg
Sugar, brown0 mg
Wheat germ oil0 mg
Coffee, beverage0 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added0 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, prepared with water0 mg
Liqueur, Crème de Menthe0 mg
Oil, coconut0 mg
Oil, palm0 mg
Lard, pork0 mg
Goose fat0 mg
Salad dressing, italian0 mg
Chayote fruit, raw1 mg
Apple juice, canned or bottled1 mg
Grape juice1 mg
Pineapple, canned1 mg
Grapefruitjuice, canned, unswtnd.2 mg
Papaya, pawpaw, raw2 mg
Beer, lager, alc. 4.4 % by vol.2 mg
Tangerine, raw2 mg
Pineapple, raw2 mg
Beer, lager, alc. 2.6 % by vol.2 mg
Cherry juice, concentrated, sugar added2 mg
Lime, raw2 mg
Cherry juice, concentrated, sugar not added2 mg
Apple, raw, all varieties3 mg
Marmalade, orange3 mg
Apricot, raw3 mg
Potato flour3 mg
Plum, raw3 mg
Pearl-sago (potato starch)3 mg
Apple, danish, raw3 mg
Beer, danish household, low alcohol3 mg
Orange juice, canned3 mg
Pear, raw3 mg
Cranberry, raw3 mg
Beer, danish household, low alcohol, average values3 mg
Apple, imported, raw3 mg
Muskmelon, raw3 mg
Pear, canned3 mg
Beer, export, alc. 5.6 % by vol.3 mg
Apricot, canned, light syrup pack3 mg
Cabbage, red, canned, sugar not added4 mg
Beer, strong, alc. 7.6 % by vol.4 mg
Loquat, raw4 mg
Crab apple, raw4 mg
Beet, red, canned, sugar not added4 mg
Cherry, canned in sugar4 mg
Orange, raw5 mg
Cherry, raw5 mg
Beet, red, canned5 mg
Mangos, raw5 mg
Pumpkin, canned5 mg
Celery, raw5 mg
Apple jelly5 mg
Grapefruit, raw5 mg
Strawberry, jam5 mg
Figs, raw6 mg
Lettuce, iceberg (incl. crisphead types), raw6 mg
Carrot, raw6 mg
Guava, common, raw6 mg
Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw6 mg
Strawberries, canned6 mg
Onions, chopped, frozen6 mg
Pepper, sweet, canned6 mg
Nectarine, raw6 mg
Blueberry, frozen, unsweetened7 mg
Turnip, raw7 mg
Pumpkin, raw7 mg
Radish, raw7 mg
Pepper, sweet, green, raw7 mg
Lemon, raw7 mg
Cabbage, chinese or celery, raw7 mg
Carrot, raw7 mg
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened7 mg
Watermelon, raw8 mg
Beet, red, raw8 mg
Strawberry juice, concentrated, sugar added8 mg
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened, whole8 mg
Carrots, frozen8 mg
Carrot juice, canned8 mg
Strawberry juice, concentrated, sugar not added8 mg
Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown8 mg
Tomato, danish, ripe, raw8 mg
Chickory, raddichio, raw8 mg
Apple, dried8 mg
Marmalade, strawberry8 mg
Cabbage, red, canned8 mg
Blended spread, 80% fat9 mg
Carrot, raw9 mg
Cucumber, raw9 mg
Cabbage, chinese, pak-choi, raw9 mg
Chicory, raw9 mg
Cabbage, white, raw9 mg
Tomatojuice, canned9 mg
Lychee, raw9 mg
Melon, honeydew, raw9 mg
Strawberry, raw10 mg
Aubergine (eggplant), raw10 mg
Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar not added10 mg
Elderberry, juice, concentrated, sugar added10 mg
Radish, white, raw10 mg
Pepper, sweet, red, raw10 mg
Rhubarb, raw11 mg
Cassava, raw11 mg
Rhubarb, frozen11 mg
Pepper, hot chili, canned11 mg
Cabbage, red, raw11 mg
Salad dressing, french11 mg
Tangerine, canned11 mg
Onion, raw12 mg
Banana, raw12 mg
Butterhead lettuce (US), cabbage lettuce (UK), raw12 mg
Butter, salt added12 mg
Prune, dried plum12 mg
Melon, cantaloup, raw12 mg
Tomato, imported, ripe, raw12 mg
Butter, salt not added12 mg
Kohlrabi, raw13 mg
Margarine, 30 % fat, vegetable fat13 mg
Tomato, peeled, canned13 mg
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat13 mg
Endive (escarole), raw14 mg
Endive (frisee), raw14 mg
Tamarind, Indian date, raw14 mg
Elderberry, raw14 mg
Carrot, canned14 mg
Lettuce, Cos or romaine, raw15 mg
Watercress, raw15 mg
Mayonnaise16 mg
Whey, sweet, fluid16 mg
Lettuce, looseleaf, raw16 mg
Grape, raw17 mg
Plaintain, raw17 mg
Asparagus, canned18 mg
Soup, tomato, ready to eat18 mg
Celeriac, celery leaves, raw18 mg
Peach, canned18 mg
Celeriac, celery root, raw18 mg
Raisin , seedless18 mg
Squash, zucchini, raw18 mg
Apricot, dried19 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat19 mg
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat19 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat19 mg
Chard, swiss, raw19 mg
Beans, wax, canned19 mg
Rice starch19 mg
Cabbage, spring, raw19 mg
Onions, spring, raw20 mg
Kiwi fruit, raw20 mg
Squash, all varieties, raw20 mg
Cabbage, savoy, raw20 mg
Mushroom, canned20 mg
Spinach, chopped, frozen21 mg
Parsnip, raw21 mg
Asparagus, green, raw21 mg
Okra, raw21 mg
Yam, raw21 mg
Leek, raw22 mg
Tomato ketchup, bottled22 mg
Potato, canned22 mg
Beans, green, canned22 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder22 mg
Asparagus, all types, raw22 mg
Carambola, raw22 mg
Mushroom, raw23 mg
Pepper, hot chili, raw24 mg
Potato, new (May to September), raw24 mg
Cauliflower, danish, raw25 mg
Fruit paste, average values25 mg
Fruit paste, figs25 mg
Kale, frozen25 mg
Sweetpotato, raw25 mg
Potato, raw26 mg
Date, dried26 mg
Spinach, raw26 mg
Parsley root, raw26 mg
Fig, dried26 mg
Beans, green, raw28 mg
Cauliflower, frozen28 mg
Beans, wax, raw28 mg
Asparagus, white, raw28 mg
Cauliflower, all varieties, raw29 mg
Beans, green, frozen29 mg
Potato, old (February to June), raw30 mg
Avocado, raw30 mg
Potato, automn (October to January), raw30 mg
Tomato paste, concentrated31 mg
Tomato puree32 mg
Chives, raw33 mg
Bean sprouts, mung, raw34 mg
Kale, canned34 mg
Bean sprouts, average values, raw34 mg
Broccoli, boiled34 mg
Dock (US), sorrel (UK), raw35 mg
Chervil, chopped, frozen35 mg
Cress, garden, raw35 mg
Brussels sprout, frozen35 mg
Horse-radish, raw38 mg
Cauliflower, imported, raw38 mg
Peach, raw40 mg
Fat, beef tallow44 mg
Onions, chopped and deepfried45 mg
Cream, cultured, 38 % fat46 mg
Bouillon, beef, concentrated, cube46 mg
Brussels sprouts, winter (January to April), raw47 mg
Chestnut, raw48 mg
Brussels sprouts, raw49 mg
Peas, green, frozen49 mg
Chocolate, plain, couverture50 mg
Chocolate, bitter50 mg
Peas, green, raw50 mg
Brussels sprouts, automn (October to December), raw51 mg
Parsley, raw52 mg
Cream, whipping, 38 % fat53 mg
Kale, raw54 mg
Beans, baked i tomato sauce, canned57 mg
Sweetcorn, kernels, canned60 mg
Cream, cultured, 18 % fat61 mg
Sweetcorn, kernels, frozen63 mg
Peas, green, canned65 mg