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Food, low content: Zinc, Zn

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Zinc, Zn per 100 grams 
Walnut oil0 mg
Oil, safflower (high linoleic acid content)0 mg
Oil, rape seed (no eruca acid)0 mg
Palm kernel oil0 mg
Oil, safflower (high oleic acid content)0 mg
Oil, rape seed (low eruca acid content)0 mg
Meat extract, cube0 mg
Linseed oil0 mg
Goose fat0 mg
Corn oil0 mg
Oil, sesame0 mg
Oil, cotton seed0 mg
Sunflower oil0 mg
Olive oil0 mg
Wheat germ oil0 mg
Oil, grapeseed0 mg
Fat, beef tallow0 mg
Oil, coconut0 mg
Oil, cocoa butter0 mg
Coconut oil, refined, Palmin0 mg
Thistle oil0 mg
Beer, danish household, low alcohol, average values0.004 mg
Gin0.004 mg
Beer, lager, alc. 2.6 % by vol.0.004 mg
Vodka0.004 mg
Water, tap, drinking, average values0.005 mg
Coffee, instant, prepared with water0.006 mg
Water, carbonated0.006 mg
Beer, lager, alc. 4.4 % by vol.0.007 mg
Whisky0.008 mg
Beer, danish household, low alcohol0.008 mg
Vinegar0.009 mg
Soyabean oil, refined0.01 mg
Bouillon, chicken, prepared0.01 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, prepared with water0.01 mg
Peanut oil0.01 mg
Saccharin0.01 mg
Fructose0.01 mg
Sugar, sucrose, white0.011 mg
Soft drink, sugar added0.013 mg
Carbonated drinks, Cola0.013 mg
Soft drink, unsweetened, average values0.013 mg
Beer, strong, alc. 7.6 % by vol.0.013 mg
Aquavit, 40 % vol., average values0.014 mg
Aquavit, spiced, average values0.014 mg
Rum0.016 mg
Brandy, cognac0.016 mg
Beer, export, alc. 5.6 % by vol.0.018 mg
Egg, hen, white, pasteurized, frozen0.02 mg
Currant, red, jelly0.02 mg
Vermouth, sweet0.024 mg
Vermouth, dry0.024 mg
Marmalade, english type0.027 mg
Marmalade, black currant0.027 mg
Marmalade, all types0.027 mg
Marmalade, strawberry0.027 mg
Wine, rosé0.027 mg
Marmalade, orange0.027 mg
Marmalade, raspberry0.027 mg
Tea, ready-to-drink0.029 mg
Spirits, 70 % proof0.03 mg
Egg, chicken, white, raw0.03 mg
Kohlrabi, raw0.03 mg
Apple, imported, raw0.032 mg
Sweets, boiled0.032 mg
Apple, danish, raw0.032 mg
Apple, raw, all varieties0.032 mg
BITTER, sweet, all types, average values0.035 mg
BITTER, all types, average values0.035 mg
Apple juice, canned or bottled0.039 mg
Bouillon, beef, cube, prepared0.04 mg
Wine, white, sparkling, champagne0.041 mg
Margarine, 30 % fat, vegetable fat0.047 mg
Margarine, 40 % fat, vegetable fat0.047 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0.047 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, table use, vegetable fat0.047 mg
Margarine, 70 % fat, table use, soft, vegetable fat0.047 mg
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened, whole0.05 mg
Margarine, 80 % fat, for frying/baking, vegetable fat0.05 mg
Fruit juice, mixed, sweetened, concentrated0.05 mg
Grape juice0.05 mg
Fruit juice, mixed, unsweetened, concentrated0.05 mg
Pastilles, sugarfree, unspecified0.05 mg
Loquat, raw0.05 mg
Sweets. unspecified0.05 mg
Fruit gums0.05 mg
Persimmon, kaki fruit, raw0.052 mg
Wine, white, medium0.059 mg
Grape, raw0.059 mg
Wine, white, sweet0.059 mg
Wine, white, dry0.059 mg
Wine, white, Rhine wine0.059 mg
Cod liver oil0.06 mg
Haddock, liver oil0.06 mg
Sugar, brown0.06 mg
Grapefruitjuice, canned, unswtnd.0.061 mg
Orange juice, canned0.061 mg
Pineapple juice, canned0.061 mg
Orange, raw0.068 mg
Onions, chopped, frozen0.07 mg
Blueberry, frozen, unsweetened0.07 mg
Sauce gravad lax0.07 mg
Lychee, raw0.07 mg
Grapefruit, raw0.07 mg
Papaya, pawpaw, raw0.073 mg
Salt, table0.076 mg
Salt, block0.076 mg
Salt, sea salt (no iodine fortification)0.077 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage, concentrated (1+5), sugar added0.078 mg
Mangos, raw0.079 mg
Tuna, raw0.08 mg
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar, low calorie0.08 mg
Sole, raw0.08 mg
Melon, honeydew, raw0.081 mg
Pineapple, raw0.082 mg
Pineapple, canned0.082 mg
Tomato, imported, ripe, raw0.084 mg
Tomato, ripe, raw, origin unknown0.084 mg
Tomato, danish, ripe, raw0.084 mg
Kumquats, raw0.09 mg
Chewing gum, no sugar added, all types0.09 mg
Lingonberry, jam0.09 mg
Plum, raw0.091 mg
Kiwi fruit, raw0.091 mg
Tangerine, raw0.095 mg
Jam, fruit, average values0.097 mg
Cranberry, raw0.1 mg
Egg, chicken, white, dried0.1 mg
Strawberry, raw0.1 mg
Mackerel, raw0.1 mg
Celery, raw0.1 mg
Jerusalem artichoke, raw0.1 mg
Muskmelon, raw0.1 mg
Bilberry, raw0.1 mg
Cherry, raw0.1 mg
Mackerel, smoked0.1 mg
Watermelon, raw0.1 mg
Liquorice, average values0.1 mg
Coffee, instant, decaffeinated, powder0.11 mg
Lime, raw0.11 mg
Lard, pork0.11 mg
Pepper, sweet, green, raw0.11 mg
Cabbage, chinese or celery, raw0.11 mg
Pumpkin, canned0.11 mg
Lard, pork, refined, Raffinol0.11 mg
Apricot, canned, light syrup pack0.11 mg
Blended spread, 80% fat0.112 mg
Wine, red0.12 mg
Carambola, raw0.12 mg
Wine, white, average values0.12 mg
Pear, raw0.124 mg
Cucumber, raw0.129 mg
Lemon juice, fresh0.13 mg
Sauce, barbeque0.13 mg
Salad dressing, italian0.13 mg
Pear, canned0.13 mg
Syrup, kitchen0.13 mg
Whey, sweet, fluid0.13 mg
Lemon, raw0.13 mg
Strawberries, frozen, unsweetened0.13 mg
Plaintain, raw0.14 mg
Peach, raw0.14 mg
Madeira0.14 mg
Non-alcoholic beverage (light), concentrated (1+10), sugar not added0.143 mg
Cabbage, white, raw0.145 mg
Liqueur, average values0.15 mg
Liqueur, Crème de Menthe0.15 mg
Liqueur, brown cocoa0.15 mg
Liqueur, Advocaat0.15 mg
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar0.15 mg
Figs, raw0.15 mg
Liqueur, coffee0.15 mg
Butter, salt added0.15 mg
Liqueur, Cherry Brandy0.15 mg
Radishes, oriental, daikon, japanese radish, raw0.15 mg
Liqueur, coffee with cream0.15 mg
Butter, salt not added0.15 mg
Liqueur, Curacao0.15 mg
Potato flour0.16 mg
Onion, raw0.16 mg
Aubergine (eggplant), raw0.16 mg
Pearl-sago (potato starch)0.16 mg
Lettuce, iceberg (incl. crisphead types), raw0.16 mg
Gooseberry, raw0.16 mg
Carrot, raw0.16 mg
Nectarine, raw0.17 mg
Cauliflower, frozen0.17 mg
Pepper, hot chili, canned0.17 mg
Banana, raw0.176 mg
Lettuce, looseleaf, raw0.18 mg
Gherkin, pickled0.18 mg
Mayonnaise, low fat0.18 mg
Melon, cantaloup, raw0.18 mg
Cucumber, large, pickled, sugar not added0.18 mg
Lingonberry, raw0.18 mg
Pepper, sweet, canned0.18 mg
Cucumber, large, pickled0.18 mg
Currant, red, raw0.18 mg
Carrot juice, canned0.18 mg
Swede, raw0.18 mg
Juice, mixed vegetables, pasteurized0.181 mg
Carrot, raw0.19 mg
Cabbage, red, raw0.19 mg
Guava, common, raw0.19 mg
Cabbage, chinese, pak-choi, raw0.19 mg
Soup, tomato, ready to eat0.194 mg
Apricot, dried0.2 mg
Cornflakes, frosted0.2 mg
Tomato ketchup, bottled0.2 mg
Cabbage, spring, raw0.2 mg
Apricot, raw0.2 mg
Sweetpotato, raw0.2 mg
Pumpkin, raw0.2 mg
Tomato puree0.2 mg
Apple, dried0.2 mg
Dock (US), sorrel (UK), raw0.2 mg
Watercress, raw0.2 mg
Cornflakes, average values0.2 mg
Strawberries, canned0.2 mg
Chicory, raw0.2 mg
Beet, red, canned, sugar not added0.21 mg
Sherry, dry0.21 mg
Elderberry, raw0.21 mg
Sherry, medium0.21 mg
Sherry, sweet0.21 mg
Port0.21 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise0.21 mg
Fennel, root, raw0.22 mg
Pepper, sweet, red, raw0.22 mg
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream, low calorie0.22 mg
Rhubarb, frozen0.23 mg
Turnip, raw0.23 mg
Rhubarb, raw0.23 mg
Toffees, unspecified0.23 mg
Lettuce, Cos or romaine, raw0.23 mg
Peas, green, canned0.23 mg
Yam, raw0.24 mg
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, low calorie0.24 mg
Salad dressing, soured fresh cream0.24 mg
Tangerine, canned0.24 mg
Cream, whipping, 38 % fat0.244 mg
Beans, green, canned0.25 mg
Blackberry, frozen, unsweetened0.25 mg
Carrot, canned0.26 mg
Salad dressing, thousand island0.26 mg
Drageé, liquorice0.26 mg
Cauliflower, all varieties, raw0.261 mg
Cauliflower, danish, raw0.261 mg
Cauliflower, imported, raw0.261 mg
Cabbage, savoy, raw0.27 mg